How the so-called ‘cash’ agreement is being reached between the JSP and the PM – Madhesh Update

How the so-called ‘cash’ agreement is being reached between the JSP and the PM

   April 17, 2021  

Both sides claim that the ongoing dialogue between Prime Minister KP Oli and the Janata Samajwadi Party is not only an agreement but also a step towards implementation. There is widespread interest in what kind of agreement is being reached between the JSP and the PM Oli faction, which is said to have reached the stage of implementation. Jaspa president Mahanta Thakur, senior leader Rajendra Mahato and task force members Laxman Lal Karna and Savendranath Sukla have been saying that they are not in favor of a written agreement this time. Going one step further, Chairman Thakur has been expressing in public forums that JSP is no longer ready to take a loan check and that they need it without cash. After all, Thakur said that it is not a borrowed check but cash that is needed. Madhesh Update While talking to the dialogue parties between both the JSP and PM Oli, some facts have been found.

Due to which, JSP chairman Thakur and senior leader Mahato are talking about cash / cash address rather than a written agreement. In the dialogue with the Prime Minister, Jaspa has demanded the release of Resham Chaudhary, return of Madhes and Tharuhat movement issues, passing of Citizenship Bill, making the report of the Red Commission public and addressing the issues of amending the constitution.

According to the leaders involved in the dialogue, discussions have been going on for the past one month between the two sides on all these issues raised by Jaspa. Quantitatively, the government has brought a new directive on the return of cases. Accordingly, the Madhes and Tharuhat movement has moved ahead in the process of taking up 208 cases. On Thursday alone, Prime Minister KP Oli and JSP Chairman Mahanta Thakur summoned the task force members of both the parties to Valuwatar and briefed them on the work done so far.

The five members of the task force who briefed PM Oli and JSP Chairman Thakur on Thursday morning also held a meeting with the Attorney General that evening. According to a member, the meeting discussed about the 208 documents submitted by Jaspa for the return of the case and the citizenship bill. Since most of the cases are related to vandalism and arson, the amount of fine imposed by the local administration and the court has become a large amount. Thakur and Mahato of Jaspa are seen enthusiastic after the process of withdrawing the case was taken forward with the government paying the fine of Rs 70 to 90 million.

Similarly, both the parties have agreed on the strategy of getting the release of Resham Chaudhary through the court. Jada Jaspa has agreed to go through the court as his political future will not end if Resham Chaudhary is cleared by the Supreme Court. It is understood that the JSP and the PM have agreed on a strategy to get the decision to release him from the cabinet if the court does not provide clearance.

Leaders say that the government is ready to make the report of the Red Commission public after that. An investigation committee was formed under the leadership of former Supreme Court Judge Girish Chandra Lal saying that there was widespread repression in the Terai Madhes during the last Madhes movement. Although the report prepared by the committee mentioned all the incidents that took place in the Madhes and Tharuhat movements after a detailed study, the government did not make it public. According to a JSP leader, the government and the prime minister himself have studied the report and are ready to release all but seven pages of the report. In it, the names of the police officers were mentioned in the seven-page incident in which PM Oli did not want to be made public. The PM has argued that the threat to national security will arise tomorrow after the report that the names of the police have been suppressed in the agitation became public. Jaspaka in itEven when the leaders removed only those names and made them public, they agreed with the PM’s argument that there was widespread repression in the Madhes movement.

Both sides are ready to take forward the citizenship bill that has been missing for years in that parliamentary committee. In the past, the Nepali Congress and the JSP were seen in one place in the citizenship bill, while the CPN (Maoist) has been standing in another place.

After that, for the amendment of the constitution, both the parties have formed a committee under the coordination of the former judge to rectify all the errors in the constitution and move forward to amend the constitution on the recommendation of the said committee. The party is also raising the issue of demarcation of provinces through this committee. According to sources, both the parties have agreed to change the boundaries of the provinces by removing the provision that requires the consent of all the provinces.