Only the integration of 8 districts is recognized by the former Rajpa task force – Madhesh Update

Only the integration of 8 districts is recognized by the former Rajpa task force

   April 12, 2021  

The meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the Janata Samajwadi Party of Nepal was adjourned by the former Rajapaksa on March 19 and formed a six-member task force. A six-member task force comprising Jitendra Sonal, Manish Suman, Keshav Jha, Sunil Rohit, Ramesh Yadav and Sanjay Yadav was tasked to do all the work required for the adjustment by the former Rajpa by Holi.

No one has a definite answer as to how much work has been done by the task force even after the last fortnight of Holi. However, the first meeting of the task force decided to accept the integration in the eight disputed districts, making it a formula for the integration of the former Rajapaksa.

In the decision received by Madhesh Update, it has been decided to accept the adjustment made by the local ex-king in Jhapa, Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Kapilvastu, Dagan, Bardiya and Kanchanpur districts and to form organizations according to the new working method made by the task force in all other districts.

According to the new working class formulated by the task force, the organizations are being adjusted on the basis of the votes brought by the six constituents of the then Rajpa in the second Constituent Assembly. The same procedure was applied in the JSP adjustment.

Six parties affiliated to the then Madhesi Front had formed Rajpa Nepal before the last election. Last year, the Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal was formed by the unification of the Rajpa and the Samajwadi Party. As there is no integration of the Rajapaksa, the former Rajapaksa has started to integrate his former organization by forming a task force.