JSP In the internal discussion – Madhesh Update

JSP In the internal discussion

   April 12, 2021  

The meeting of the top five leaders of the Janata Samajwadi Party has started from Sunday. The meeting, which was held at the party’s office in Valkumari from 2 pm on Sunday, started discussions on the party’s internal integration and changing political developments, the leaders said. The meeting is scheduled to resume on Monday.

The meeting of the executive committee of JSP convened on May 19 was postponed due to lack of preparation. He said that he would hold a meeting after Holi but has not been able to convene a meeting of the executive committee.

The meeting of the top five leaders of the JSP, which started on Sunday, has started discussions on the work to be done ahead of the executive committee meeting and the recent dialogue with various major parties, including the government. After the meeting, Jaspa Chairman Upendra Yadav said that the meeting would last for three or four consecutive days.

As one year of party unification is approaching, the party has not been able to complete the integration process.

Earlier, Jaspa had held an informal meeting of the three parties before the meeting convened by the Congress last Friday.