Seven teenagers who went missing from Mahottari’s Bhangaha have been returned – Madhesh Update

Seven teenagers who went missing from Mahottari’s Bhangaha have been returned

   April 1, 2021  

Seven missing teenagers from Mahottari have been rescued from India. A joint team of the Armed Police Force and Nepal Police rescued them from India at 11 pm on Wednesday and brought them to Nepal.

They were rescued from India and handed over to the District Police Office, Mahottari on Wednesday night. They had gone missing on Tuesday after leaving home to cut grass.

A team led by Inspector Birkha Bahadur Shahi of the Armed Police Force brought them to Nepal in coordination with the Indian Border Security Force. A team led by SA Aditya Singh of Nepal Police had also reached Vittamod on the Nepal-India border to bring the girls to Nepal.

According to Armed Police Inspector Shahi, who rescued the girls, Indian police found the girl at the Sitamarhi railway station in Bihar around 10 pm on Tuesday and informed the Armed Police Force.

He told the Indian police that he had gone to India to ‘become a singer’ but did not say anything to them. According to Shahi, the Indian NGO Child Welfare Committee (CWC) had counseled them all day on Wednesday.

Shahi said that the CWC had brought the girls to Nepal after convincing them late at night as there was a rule to take care of the girls only after counseling them for at least a week or a month.

The teenagers told the Indian security personnel that they were going to India to become singers. While there, they did not want to say anything to our team, ‘Shahi said,’ We also coordinated with the authorities there to bring them to Nepal as soon as possible. ‘

He said that the teenagers from Bhangaha Municipality-8, Dharmapura, had reached the railway station at Sitamarhi in Bihar by car from Vittamod, but it was not clear whether they had gone by themselves or someone else.

He said that it would be revealed only after an investigation as to who took them out of the house to cut the grass and why.

Asmita Paswan, 20, Archana Paswan, 11, Nagina Paswan, 17, Jyoti Paswan, 13, Seema Paswan, 12, Riya Paswan, 13, and Ranjana Paswan, 12, were missing on Tuesday afternoon.