Mahanta Thakur said, “Thank you very much Prime Minister.” – Madhesh Update

Mahanta Thakur said, “Thank you very much Prime Minister.”

   March 31, 2021  

Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) presidents Mahanta Thakur and Upendra Yadav, who were seen on two sides in the formation of the government, appeared on the same platform on Tuesday with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli as the chief guest.

The three leaders were brought together by the annual festival of Reporters Club Nepal. While addressing the program, Chairman Thakur thanked Prime Minister Oli while another Chairman Yadav expressed doubts.

Speaking at the outset, Yadav said that there was a sense of eclipse on republic, federalism and inclusion. He said that the Left Alliance alone had garnered almost two-thirds of the votes and that their support would solve the national question and the federal democratic republic would be institutionalized.

However, Yadav said that the same government had issued a circular not to write the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal and centralized the rights of the local level and the states.

Speaking after him, Thakur repeatedly thanked Prime Minister Oli. He said that some people have questioned whether he is tied to JSP or his Prime Minister Oli.

Stating that they should return the issue and focus on issues including amendment of the constitution, Thakur said, “MPs are in jail, ministers and mayors are on dates.” It has bound our hands and feet. Get rid of it, then we’ll think about it. ‘

On Tuesday alone, a leader close to Oli met him and informed him that the process was moving forward. He said, “I have heard that the process has moved forward in a positive way. I want to thank the Prime Minister very much. ‘

He said that the leaders of the three parties (Congress, Maoists and Jaspa) could not say how to move forward. Saying that he had met all of them, Thakur said, “Let them always come with us.” I don’t want to do it now. ‘

He said that the agreement with Sher Bahadur Deuba and Prachanda had been reached earlier but it was not implemented. Earlier, Thakur said, “The Prime Minister is here. He has assured, action has been taken. Naturally, we are meeting with him. ‘