Talks between Government-Tharuhat Struggle Committee – Madhesh Update

Talks between Government-Tharuhat Struggle Committee

   March 31, 2021  

The first round of talks between the government and the Tharuhat Struggle Committee was held on Monday. Both sides have responded that the talks at the Home Ministry were positive.

During the talks, the Tharuhat Struggle Committee had urged to view the Tikapur incident as a political incident and not a criminal one. Rukmini Chaudhary, coordinator of the negotiating team, said that the government has asked for more time to study the issue.

Seven people, including SSP Laxman Neupane of Nepal Police, were killed during the Tharuhat agitation in Tikapur, Kailali in August 2072 BS. Leaders including MP Resham Chaudhary, who were convicted in the incident, are in jail.

“The first round of talks was positive. We urged the Tikapur incident not to be branded as a terrorist by force,” he said. They have said that they will study, ‘she said.

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa is the coordinator of the talks formed by the government only yesterday, while Bhattarai, a foreign affairs advisor to the prime minister, and former MP Bhagwati Chaudhary are members of the team.

Premilal Chaudhary, Padmanarayan Chaudhary, Chandra Prasad Chaudhary and Prabhat Chaudhary are in the negotiating team under the coordination of Rukmini Chaudhary on behalf of the Tharuhat Struggle Committee.

They have been protesting for the past few days demanding the withdrawal of the case against Dhaniram Chaudhary, Chairman of the Tharu Welfare Assembly and Resham Chaudhary, MP, Tikapur incident in August 2072 BS, declaring those killed during the Tharuhat agitation as martyrs, and making separate reservations for the Tharu community. .