JSP Senior Politician Mahto met with Resham chaudhary – Madhesh Update

JSP Senior Politician Mahto met with Resham chaudhary

   March 25, 2021  

P.M K.P Oli and some other member discuss in at JSP meeting to free Resham chaudhary is a primary demand and in Wednesday senior politician Rajendra Mahto met with chaudhary in jail. At a day time of Wednesday Mahto met with chaudhary in a jail, which is situated at Delhi Bazzar.

P.M with JSP also discuss to release chaudhary, Madhesh or Tharuhat rally should be stopped and release prisoner from the jail. These matter in taken positively by JSP. That’s why Mahto met with chaudhary in jail. Rajendra Mahto want to release chaudhary, withdraw cases or release of prisoners and in the Amendment of Constitution should take part, if this not happen then colonization of party isn’t possible said by Mahto last time.

In Tuesday, a discussion taken seriously with P.M K.P Oli. In the discussion JSP chief Mahat Thakur and both side working member with Mahto also be the part of meeting. At one level both JSP and government work as working group, the point raised by JSP to release chaudhary as well asother demands also , when discussion is at a peak Mahto met with chaudhary.

After the discussion of P.M in Tuesday then both side working member of party decide to ahead positively. Chaudhary a member of RAJPA, recently he won the election from the area NO.1 of Kailali. But he is spending his lifetime in jail as culprit of Tikapur accident. JSP always stand with him to free from jail.