Two Childs are drowned in the River. – Madhesh Update

Two Childs are drowned in the River.

   March 23, 2021  

Saptari and Dhanusha river are the culprit of child’s death. Vishnupur gaupalika of Saptari -3 Musharniya child age of 13 yrs of Anjali kumari yadav died in day time of Sunday due to the drowning in the River. Same place of river side, a child named Gajendra also dwroned while taking a bath but his treatment is going on the Rajbiraj hospital but he can’t survived.

As same in the Haspur Nagarpalika -7 Dhanusha. Parsahi person named Anil shah son aged nearly 1 yrs also drowned in the evening time of Sunday and gets death. A river is 100m far from house, a child drowned while he is playing a game near to the river. But child death is confirmed while he is going to Janakpur hospital for treatment.